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Safeguarding Contacts
  1. Gary Brandon
    (Birmingham Welfare Officer)
    Mobile: (07956) 510-093
  2. Matthew Taylor
    (GKI Welfare Officer)
    Tel: (0118) 9706-943
    Mobile: (07766) 684-254
  3. Carly Barrett-Greening
    (GKI Supporting Contact)
    Mobile: (07850) 732-303

COVID Restriction Changes

Thursday, 24th February, 2022

As you may be aware the government has announced that they are due to bring an end to all covid restrictions.

 In light of this we will no longer be doing temperature checks on entry to the premises, nor will we be asking if a negative swab has been done before commencing classes, however covid has not gone away and cases are still ongoing, so we do expect our students to continue to maintain the safe practices that they have done since we returned to training. 

We would still like students to continue to bring masks for when we practice close up work, 

We still express caution and if experiencing any symptoms like coughs, loss/difference in taste/smell, headaches, temperature etc, to refrain from attending classes and until otherwise stated by the premises we train in, the one way in one way out system will remain

We appreciate and applaud everything that you have all done thus far to ensure that classes continue and we know you will continue in the same vein.