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Safeguarding Contacts
  1. Gary Brandon
    (Birmingham Welfare Officer)
    Mobile: (07956) 510-093
  2. Matthew Taylor
    (GKI Welfare Officer)
    Tel: (0118) 9706-943
    Mobile: (07766) 684-254
  3. Carly Barrett-Greening
    (GKI Supporting Contact)
    Mobile: (07850) 732-303

Women, Children & Karate

Karate is practiced by many, but misunderstood by many more. A popular view of karate evokes images of huge guys smashing lumps out of either each other or pieces of masonry. Therefore the dojo (training hall) should surely be no place for women/children. Contrary to beliefs this image of karate is outdated and inaccurate.

Teaching children is very different to teaching adults, children have a very different language and mind-set than adults, they also have much less life experience resources to draw upon when it comes to decision making. So a martial arts instructor must understand the language and mind-set of those he/she is teaching

All children recognize physical strength and power, but not all will comprehend the “strength” of mind. At BGRKA, karate is utilized as a means to teach the underlying principles of Goju Ryu karate to help children learn and develop themselves into strong, controlled and disciplined individuals

Our belt rank system allows the student to display and re-affirm their accomplishments daily while learning to set higher goals. Parents appreciate the level of discipline that their children develop through our program.

Karate is a fantastic activity for females of all ages to enjoy and there are numerous benefits for woman who participate in karate, and it is not just for men

  1. Karate teaches self defence
  2. Karate builds self esteem
  3. Karate relieves stress and anger
  4. Karate teaches self control
  5. Karate provides an excellent workout

The perceived disadvantage that women have is that, in general, a woman will be smaller in stature and not as physically strong as a man. Biologically this is an undeniable fact, but it is not a disadvantage in Karate.

Karate was designed to provide an effective way to defend yourself from an aggressor who is larger and more powerful than you and/or armed. Though not designed specifically with women in mind, Karate is a martial art that relies very heavily on skill to overcome brute force. Most men will rely on their physical presence to overpower their victim(s), but a well-placed blow at the correct time will stop anyone.

Although its roots are in the ancient orient, karate is in fact a modern, progressive system designed for the duel purpose of self-protection and self improvement.

The term karate literally translates as "empty hand" but in fact involves the whole body in a series of exercises that are designed to foster health, fitness and well being, while having the added benefit of being a highly effective means of self-defence. Karate training provides a rigorous total body work-out, and as a social activity is an excellent ice-breaker. The real benefit of karate though is that many people begin with one motive in mind, and find themselves attracted to one or more of the above aspects later.

So whether you want sport, self defence, a practical alternative to aerobics, the opportunity to vent the weeks frustrations on an inanimate object, or as an excuse to have a bit of fun with like-minded people, karate may just be for you!