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Safeguarding Contacts
  1. Gary Brandon
    (Birmingham Welfare Officer)
    Mobile: (07956) 510-093
  2. Matthew Taylor
    (GKI Welfare Officer)
    Tel: (0118) 9706-943
    Mobile: (07766) 684-254
  3. Carly Barrett-Greening
    (GKI Supporting Contact)
    Mobile: (07850) 732-303

Dojo Kun (Training Rules)

Please apply these rules and philosophy when training. They are important and part of our tradition. Rules when training:

1. When entering and leaving the dojo, always bow.

2. If the class has already started, kneel at the entrance and wait to be invited to join in by the instructor. Join the class at the back, do not walk in front.

3. Always be polite to your instructor and senior students.

4. Allow one hour between eating and starting training.

5. Do not eat or chew gum in the dojo.

6. Time will be allowed for short break(s). Bring water to drink during these break(s).

7. Remove all jewellery before training, and keep finger and toe nails short. These are the biggest causes of cuts and scratches.

8. Hair shoulder length and longer should be tied back

We at Birmingham Goju Ryu Academy will always endeavour to:

1. Be humble, courteous and honourable.

2. Regulate our practice to our physical condition.

3. Study and practice only in earnestness.

4. Be composed, tranquil and alert to produce reflex thought and action.

5. Take care of our health. 6. Be united and unceasing in our endeavours, in spite of all obstacles”.